Due to our backlog, and the transfer of the editorial offices next summer, we will not be reviewing new manuscripts until July 2007. We will finish evaluating manuscripts that have already been submitted and will accept previously submitted manuscripts that have been revised according to the peer reviewers' recommendations. If you have any questions about the status of manuscript review, please contact the editors at hahr@umd.edu

Manuscript Submission

Please include three hard copies and one electronic copy (on disk or via e-mail attachment) with your initial submission. One hard copy should include all identifying information on the title page, including name, institutional affiliation, address, phone number, and e-mail address. The other two hard copies should be “blind” and have all identifying information removed not only from the title page, but also from any identifying self-references in the text or footnotes. The blind copies should not include acknowledgments. The electronic copy may be sent on disk or as a separate e-mail attachment in Word, WordPerfect, or Rich Text Format. You should also include electronic copies of all tables and artwork, if possible. To encourage submissions from scholars abroad, we will accept submissions as e-mail attachments from authors outside the United States, without the requirement of sending traditional hard copies.

Our style is adapted from Chicago Manual of Style, 15th Edition. Citations should be "humanities" format, not author-date format. Helpful tips and a few non-CMS peculiarities are noted in our in-house style sheet.

We accept submissions for review in English, Spanish, or Portuguese. Articles accepted for publication in languages other than English may be translated into English at the journal's discretion and expense.

Publication Overlap

We generally do not consider material that bears substantial resemblance (that is, making the same analytical arguments on the same evidentiary base) to the author's previous publications, or to material that has been accepted for publication elsewhere. This includes similar articles published in other languages and book chapters that are pending publication. Likewise, HAHR does not consider manuscripts that are currently under review for publication elsewhere, either as a journal article or a book chapter. We are only able to publish approximately 12 articles of original scholarship each year, out of some 80 submissions and a field that encompasses thousands of scholars. We must therefore limit ourselves to considering articles that contain original arguments and data not available to readers elsewhere. Please let the editors know if you think there may be an issue with publication overlap.

Length Limit

Due to space limitations, we ask that authors limit their articles to roughly 15,000 words, including notes. Articles slightly over this limit may be considered for publication with the understanding that suggestions for shortening will be made during the review process. Articles that are significantly longer than the length limit will be returned to the author with a request to edit the text and resubmit.


We encourage authors to include relevant visual materials with their submissions. There is no limit, per se, to the number of figures that you may include with your submission. We will take into account the amount of visual materials when calculating the rough length of your submission, however. A half-page illustration is the rough equivalent of 200-250 words, while a full-page illustration occupies as much space as 400-500 words of text.

When initially submitting a manuscript, it is easiest if you save any illustrations as low-resolution JPEG files and embed them directly into your manuscript file. We will, however, accept accompanying images in just about any format (including Excel files for graphic data). If your manuscript is accepted for publication, we will expect you to provide either high resolution digital files (200 dpi minimum) or original copy. Any originals will be returned to the author after the issue is printed. Image quality is a frequent concern: 72 dpi images copied from the Web or photocopies of newspaper photos, for example, reproduce very poorly.

Authors will be responsible for working with the the copyright holder (for published works under copyright protection) or archival respository (for unpublished works) to secure permission to reproduce imagery and cover any associated fees.

Direct any further questions about illustrations to the managing editor.

Editorial correspondence and manuscripts should be sent to:

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301-314-9193 (fax)

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